Our Community Impact

The founders of Never Stop Nutrition Systems are both Colorado locals, who studied at Colorado State University. Danilo Ottoborgo was raised in Summit County, Colorado and has always maintained an active lifestyle. Having earned a degree in Business Finance from CSU, his persistent and thoughtful approach to business has evolved into providing his family and friends with responsibly sourced products which has now grown into a dedicated and driven business focused on responsibly sourced products.

We are focusing our efforts on the fusion of sport and lifestyle, and strive to create long-lasting relationship with our customers. We hope to work with our community so that we can build a better tomorrow.

Nicholas Dalton from Denver, Colorado brings an entirely different approach to business, with past business experience and an education at Colorado State University, the pair have become familiar with the business process and are proud to be the founders of Never Stop Nutrition Systems.  Our team members are charged with bringing creativity, honesty, and strategic innovation to their responsibilities in a continuous effort to provide our customers with high quality products.

We have high expectations of each other and work as a team to create what we are all proud of. Our mindset, along with our education, has driven us to create revolutionary products and create a responsible business.

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