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Our Never Stop Spotlight featuring athletes and companies we feel embody what it means to be a part of the Never Stop mentality!

Averee Fit

V. Averee Mason

“If Not Now When? If Not You Who?”

Before I kick it off with a little bit about me, I want to share a famous quote by Will Smith: “Being realistic is the most common path to mediocrity.

What up Fitfam! Its ya boy Averee Aka Ave.  I’m currently a full student at CSU. Im studying in the field of HDFS (Human Development and Family Studies) I guess I can say a lot of my determination stems from sports, mainly football. I started playing as a youngin and stuck with it up until just recently after running the field at CSU. Although fitness has grown to be a huge part of who I am, through my eyes it’s bigger than just me. I see it as my opportunity to perfect my craft in order to help those who strive to accomplish similar goals. Don’t get me wrong this lifestyle is tough, and requires lots and lots of effort, diligence and heart. If you possess those three things your on the right track. If you don’t and want to, surround yourself with those who do. I’m excited to be collaborating with Never Stop because one, they’re bringing straight heat to the table and two, they have a dope vision that I think will help people become their best selves.